Questions to Ask Before Communion

As is our practice on the first Sunday of the month we’ll be remembering our Lord Jesus Christ by eating and drinking together around the communion table.  In preparation, so as not to eat and drink in an unworthy manner, why not take the time to prayerfully consider some of the following questions before Sunday morning: read more

Reflection Before Communion

This Sunday we’ll be celebrating communion as is our practice on the first Lord’s day of the month.  Here’s an excerpt from Kenneth Matthew’s commentary on Leviticus as something worth reading before then.  He describes, in quite vivid detail, animal sacrifice in the Old Testament and then ties it to the cross.  Again, some may see it as graphic, but it’s supposed to be! read more

10 Questions to Ask Before Communion

These are 10 questions Don Whitney asks to help you diagnose your spiritual health. They seem appropriate to ask before celebrating the Lord’s Supper together. read more