Increase Conference 2018


On January 27th, Hespeler Baptist Church is excited about hosting a brand new conference for young adults. read more

Leviticus: Four Reasons and Resources as You Read

This past Sunday we began our second season of the Gospel Project. read more

RE(media)L Holiness

On Sunday morning I deeply appreciated the strength of Pastor Caleb’s comments related to media and entertainment.  Those were rare comments coming from someone in their early 20’s, which, in my estimation, gives them far greater weight.  The temptation, when hearing remarks such as we did, is to activate our “inner lawyer”, as Paul Tripp would say, so as to reason away our viewing habits.   read more

An Open Letter to the Church from a Lesbian

You may have seen this letter on some different blog sites this week.  It’s been going around.  Seemed good to repost it here as well.

To the churches concerning homosexuals and lesbians:

Many of you believe that we do not exist within your walls, your schools, your neighborhoods. You believe that we are few and easily recognized. I tell you we are many. We are your teachers, doctors, accountants, high school athletes. We are all colors, shapes, sizes. We are single, married, mothers, fathers. We are your sons, your daughters, your nieces, your nephews, your grandchildren. We are in your Sunday School classes, pews, choirs, and pulpits. You choose not to see us out of ignorance or because it might upset your congregation. We ARE your congregation. We enter your doors weekly seeking guidance and some glimmer of hope that we can change. Like you, we have invited Jesus into our hearts. Like you, we want to be all that Christ wants us to be. Like you, we pray daily for guidance. Like you, we often fail. read more