Media and Technology

The Force of an Awakened Worldview Filter

So I’ve been told, on more than one occasion, that I’m capable of ruining a good movie. My natural bent towards defensiveness would like to suggest that it’s not my fault. I have no idea whose fault it is but I maintain that it’s not mine. You can decide for yourself. And tell if me you think it’s my fault, at which point I’ll likely disagree. read more

RE(media)L Holiness

On Sunday morning I deeply appreciated the strength of Pastor Caleb’s comments related to media and entertainment.  Those were rare comments coming from someone in their early 20’s, which, in my estimation, gives them far greater weight.  The temptation, when hearing remarks such as we did, is to activate our “inner lawyer”, as Paul Tripp would say, so as to reason away our viewing habits.   read more