Inheritance of Tears: Four Reasons to be Grateful for a Book About Miscarriage

“Our baby’s life had slipped from my body, and the grief was overwhelming.”


That is a sentence from the opening pages of Jessalyn Hutto’s book Inheritance of Tears: Trusting the Lord of Life When Death Visits the Womb. Beginning courageously with her personal story, she continues with the gentleness of a sufferer and the powerful hope of the gospel to provide a needed resource for those weeping from miscarriage, and for those of us who should weep with them. There are four particular reasons for why I believe we should be grateful for this book about miscarriage. read more

JC Ryle on Suffering

Over the last two weeks the theme of suffering has surfaced read more

Songs for Groaning Souls

Last year was difficult in some respects in our home as around 100 days were impacted by sickness, 20 of which involved hospital stays, not to mention doctors appointments, tests, filling prescriptions, and administering medication. Some days were truly exhausting as we tried to care for the responsibilities God has given us in the midst of a harder season of life. read more

Burning Questions?

On Sunday night we’re beginning a four part series on the topic of suffering. The main questions we’ll be answering are these: What are the sources of our suffering? What’s our Christian experience of suffering? What are God’s purposes in our suffering? What’s our Christian perspective on suffering? Surely you have your own questions too, so feel free to ask them, and we’ll do our best to help you find answers.

There are a few ways you can do this. One, you could write your question out and drop it in the box on the table outside of the church library. Two, you could ask us in person. Three, you could tweet a question at the church.

Suffering is inevitable so we hope you’ll join us as we give some consideration to this reality in our lives and in the lives of others…

Eight Days in Hospital


Last Sunday afternoon my wife and I walked through the door of our home, rejoicing, with a healthy six year old after eight days in hospital. Just over a week earlier we had taken him to emerg after he had very suddenly developed a bad cough and laboured breathing. He was immediately put on oxygen and diagnosed with severe pneumonia and a partially collapsed lung. Once on antibiotics he was expected to get better within a few days. He didn’t.

read more

Songs of Lament for Times of Sorrow

The point has been made before that space isn’t often given during congregational worship to recognize the reality of the sufferings of God’s people. Though not everyone feels like rejoicing, we sing songs that are joyful, but is there any reason we shouldn’t sing songs of lament, even though everyone may not feel sad?  Based on the simple fact that the majority of ancient Israel’s songbook, known to us as the Psalms, are lament psalms, this would seem entirely appropriate. read more

Worried Much?

What should we do in those moments when the circumstances of life in a world, groaning (screaming?) as in the pains of child birth, press in around us in a crushing way?  We’ve all tasted anxiety and worry.  We’ve all caught ourselves sidetracked from the task before us because our imagination has led us down the path of all sorts of dark imaginings.  We’ve all experienced the elusiveness of sleep as we’ve tossed and turned on our beds through the early hours of the morning. read more

The Story Behind It Is Well With My Soul