Advocating for Small Groups

Have you thought about joining a Life Group? read more

Songs of Lament for Times of Sorrow

The point has been made before that space isn’t often given during congregational worship to recognize the reality of the sufferings of God’s people. Though not everyone feels like rejoicing, we sing songs that are joyful, but is there any reason we shouldn’t sing songs of lament, even though everyone may not feel sad?  Based on the simple fact that the majority of ancient Israel’s songbook, known to us as the Psalms, are lament psalms, this would seem entirely appropriate. read more

Why is praying together as a church so important?

Last summer, during the months when our Sunday school wasn’t “officially” running, we aimed to take the 45 minutes between 9:30-10:15 for the church to gather to pray.  Incredibly, while only focusing on evangelism, we never ran out of requests to bring before our gracious God.  There was tremendous blessing and encouragement to hear of the many ways our brothers and sisters were engaging with their co-workers, friends, family members, and neighbours.

We plan on doing the same again this year so we will be regularly encouraging you and inviting you to join together in corporate prayer.  In light of that here’s a great article from reformation21.org highlighting some of the reasons why as elders we constantly make that appeal: Why is the central prayer gathering so important?  Reading this may provide some groundwork for why we will make such a big deal about the church praying together!