Lessons from cancelling church…

If you’re reading this, I missed worshipping with you today.  And I hope you missed worshipping with us.  After sort of moping around the house a little bit (without knowing why at first) I took some time to try and figure out the reason.  Here are a few random things I didn’t expect to learn this morning after church was cancelled due to the ice-storm: read more

The Beauty of Membership amidst the Ugliness of Sin

This past Sunday we “officially” welcomed some new people into church membership, people who have been attending and actively involved in our church, who have now consummated a relationship that already exists.  We made a public, binding covenant with one another.  The implications of this are both thrilling and profound.  If you want to read more about why we do this and what it means to our church, you can check it out here.

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