Burning Questions

Burning Questions?

On Sunday night we’re beginning a four part series on the topic of suffering. The main questions we’ll be answering are these: What are the sources of our suffering? What’s our Christian experience of suffering? What are God’s purposes in our suffering? What’s our Christian perspective on suffering? Surely you have your own questions too, so feel free to ask them, and we’ll do our best to help you find answers.

There are a few ways you can do this. One, you could write your question out and drop it in the box on the table outside of the church library. Two, you could ask us in person. Three, you could tweet a question at the church.

Suffering is inevitable so we hope you’ll join us as we give some consideration to this reality in our lives and in the lives of others…

Ravi Zacharias on Marriage

Questions and conversations continue to flow these days about the topic of marriage and sexuality. I wondered aloud to Meredith just the other day on how many times we’ll discuss this issue with others. We think lots, and this is a good thing. People are thinking deeply about the issue, and we need to.

Yesterday someone sent me this excellent except of a Q&A session with Ravi Zacharias.  Not only does he answer the question, he provides a framework for how we might answer similar questions when asked down the road. If someone hasn’t asked us our thoughts on the matter yet, it’s only a matter of time.  The video is about 11 minutes long.  Watch at least the first four minutes or so, and by that point, you’ll want to watch the rest. I especially appreciated his evaluation of theonomous, heteronomous, and autonomous cultures.

Sermon Crumbs – God and the Gay Christian?

On Sunday night I had prepared a list of resources to share that might help you wrestle any unanswered questions to the ground.  Since time ran out, in part due to excellent interaction, I’ll post them here, with brief descriptions, and in no particular order.  I’m certain there are more out there, and I’m open to recommendations, but I don’t like pointing to anything I haven’t looked at first.  Click the underlined text for more information.

What does the Bible really teach about homosexuality? – Kevin DeYoung  DeYoung manages to successfully engage the revisionist arguments in an accessible manner in the first section of his book.  In the second section of the book you would benefit from reading his response to common objections raised against those who do not affirm homosexual relationships.

Are Same-Sex Desire Sinful? – There continues to be ongoing conversation among evangelicals on this issue, with different opinions being offered.  I really appreciated Owen Strachan’s article in the Journal of Biblical Manhood and Womanhood (an excellent resource all around).  You’ll probably want to carve out some time to thoughtfully engage with this one, it’s not a skimmer, but worth the time.

livingout.org – Sam Alberry (author of Is God Anti-Gay?), along with others, contribute to this website.  Here you’ll find resources for individuals, parents, and churches on issues related to homosexuality and same-sex attraction.  I especially enjoyed watching the videos of people’s stories.  Here’s the message you’re greeted with on the home page: “Can you be gay and Christian? Is it a sin to be gay? How do you live life without sex? How do I support my same-sex attracted Christian friend/family member?
We are a group of Christians who experience same-sex attraction bringing out into the open the questions and dilemmas that gay Christians can often face.”

God and the Gay Christian? – Evidently, and subconsciously, this is where I stole the title for the last two Sunday evening messages.  If you’re looking for a more in-depth response to Matthew Vines’ book, here it is.  Dr. Albert Mohler, president of Southern Baptist Seminary, has edited this free e-book with contributions from different authors (the article is worth reading, book is at the bottom of the page).

Tim Keller Response to Matthew Vines – Someone from the church sent this to me last week.


What does it mean to preach the gospel to yourself?

In C.S. Lewis’ book The Silver Chair Aslan the Lion, the Christ figure, gives a mission to a character near the beginning of the story. Here’s the exchange: read more

What does it mean to pray in the Spirit?

Sounds mystical, intangible, and mysterious, doesn’t it?  But it doesn’t have to! read more

How do you forgive someone who hurt you deeply?

The only way to begin answering this question is to begin by considering God’s forgiveness.  We have no greater example of forgiveness to consider than His.  Jesus spoke of it in response to a similar question asked by one of his disciples.  The account is found Matthew’s gospel, 18:21-35: read more