An Imperishable Inheritance

Last week someone sent to us as pastors the following devotional from Charles Haddon Spurgeon (slightly reworded by Alistair Begg).  The intent of sending it was for our encouragement, which was certainly accomplished. Given that Spurgeon wrote with a heavy pen it seemed good to widen the degree of exposure.  If you’re already familiar with Spurgeon you’ll know him as “the prince of preachers.”  If you’ve never heard of him before here’s a brief, 4-5 minute overview in line with the book list that was recently posted (Sean can’t help himself).  If you want to just skip ahead to the devotional I suppose you can do that too!

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Worried Much?

What should we do in those moments when the circumstances of life in a world, groaning (screaming?) as in the pains of child birth, press in around us in a crushing way?  We’ve all tasted anxiety and worry.  We’ve all caught ourselves sidetracked from the task before us because our imagination has led us down the path of all sorts of dark imaginings.  We’ve all experienced the elusiveness of sleep as we’ve tossed and turned on our beds through the early hours of the morning. read more

Eternal Encouragement

As a pastor there is the constant privilege of having windows into the lives of many different people.  Over the course of a week, or even of a day, you can traverse mountains of joy and valleys of sorrow through the circumstances and experiences of individual lives.  Yesterday was one of those days for me and before my head hit the pillow last night I was reminded of these words from 2 Thessalonians 2:16: read more