William Gurnall

A Trip to the Armoury

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So I’m continuing to work my way little by little through Gurnall’s book. I first wrote about this experience here. You can read the second instalment here. Independently of one another Caleb also decided to read a book on Ephesians 6 by Lloyd-Jones. He blogged about that here. You might want to get comfortable as we’re probably in for the long haul on this topic. read more

The Necessity of Christian Warfare

As you know, Sean is reading William Gurnall’s book, ‘The Christian in Complete Armour,’ which is a 600 page exposition of Ephesians 6:10-20 written in the 17th century.  A few weeks ago I decided to begin reading D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones’ exposition of Ephesians 6:10-13 entitled, ‘The Christian Warfare.’  My reading choice weighs in at just under 400 pages of 20th century writing.  Between the two of us we are aiming to share various insights regarding the nature of Christian warfare and the spiritual battle in the Christian life. read more

Fighting…but not really.

The possibility exists that you might seem to be fighting against the enemy of your soul when in fact you may not be.  Here’s some gold from Gurnall’s The Christian in Complete Armour that paints the picture: read more

The Christian in Complete Armour

I (Sean) recently embarked on an adventure into William Gurnall’s book, a 17th century puritan classic, called The Christian in Complete Armour.  If you’ve never encountered anything written by the puritan’s before you might compare them to ents from Tolkien’s work, The Lord of the Rings.  They’re giants in the land, they’ve been around for a while (at least their writings have), and most of all, they take an incredibly long time to say something. read more