The Advent Conspiracy Calendar

I love chocolate. Seriously. I could eat at least one chocolate bar every day and I’m in the camp of people who believe it should be a designated food group with recommended daily servings. On that note, being a kid again in December would be amazing, when it’s totally acceptable to wake up first thing in the morning, scramble downstairs, open an advent calendar and eat chocolate before breakfast. I think I’ll be glaring at my kids for the next 24 days. If they wouldn’t tell people I had my own I’d buy one, but they would, and that would just be embarrassing, so I’ll let the kids be kids and I’ll be an adult.

Instead, as parents we’re leaning on Advent Conspiracy for an adding an extra advent calendar to our home this year: the advent conspiracy calendar.

What’s Advent Conspiracy, you ask? Here’s the explainer video.

To help with this their website has some great resources for churches and kids, which can easily be adapted for individuals and adults. Their advent calendar is a list of daily activities that are God and others’ centred, including reading passages of Scripture, singing songs together for family worship, services opportunities inside and outside of the home, reaching out to others who are hurting, lonely or in need of help, and so on. On four of the days they provide some devotional material to work through that teaches the 4 tenets of advent conspiracy: spend less, give more, love all, worship fully.

As a family, we plan to have heaps of fun, enjoy the company of friends and family, exchange modest gifts, eat delicious food (including chocolate), listen to lots of music, and watch a Christmas movie or two. But at the same time, we want to be intentional about advent to ensure that the celebration of the birth of our King is not swallowed up in selfishness or consumerism. We want to wonder anew at the gift of God in the coming of His Son, and have the servant attitude of Christ by loving others as He has loved us.

Why don’t you take a look at the calendar, adapt where you need to, and engage in some advent conspiracy this Christmas?

Advent Conspiracy

Back in 2006 a few pastors opted for another approach than the consumerism/debt/stress/anxiety that so easily crowds out celebrating advent. If you’re already feeling the grind take a few minutes to watch this year’s video, visit the website, or read the guide for options of how you might conspire to celebrate Christmas differently this year.

When it comes to the part in the video that talks about where you might redirect resources, we would definitely encourage you to consider our Christmas offering that focuses on the Syrian refugee crisis.