Monday to Friday
9:00am to 4:00pm*
Cost: $60/week

*Before/after care costs $5/day and extends care to 8-5pm

Basketball Camp
July 13-17

Developing Whole Athletes
This may be a recreational sports camp, but we take having fun seriously! At CampHBC we believe that sports have the potential to empower and teach kids about life. This is why we hope they learn so much more than just basketball at this camp. We recognize that physical skill is only part of the picture. If kids are going to enjoy sports long term and play with excellence, they need to learn character, strategy, heart, and skill. Our experienced coaches also train campers in the traditional skills and drills. To promote long term development, we equip them with drills and skills they can practice after camp finishes. Through our basketball camp, we are committed to developing balanced/whole/package athletes.

Creative Camp
July 27-31

Unleashing Creativity
Sometimes you hear someone say, “I’m just not the creative type.” We disagree. Here at camp HBC we believe that everyone has creative ability. Every person is made in the image of God the creator and therefore, they are made to create! We want to help kids explore that creative potential. Our days include a variety of games, projects, and activities which unleash creativity. We do traditional artistic activities such as painting, sculpting, and music, as well as exploring unique art forms such as cooking, problem solving, and engineering.

Gallimaufry Camp
August 10-14

A Kaleidoscope of Fun
What in the world is Gallimaufry camp? Good question. Gallimaufry means “a mixture of a variety of different things”. Gallimaufry camp provides kids with a mixture of enjoyable and stretching experiences designed to equip them with important life skills. Someone once said that maturity is the ability to respond to a variety of different situations in the right way. In order to mature and develop life skills… you are going to have to experience a variety of different situations! Our activities in a week include outdoor adventures, useful household science, cooking, developing conversation skills, and anything else that is engaging, useful, and enjoyable!