A Look Through the Library

A Look Through the Library

Last Sunday Pastor Sean, Caleb, and John & Heather Okrafka pulled a bunch of books from our church library and recommended them to the young adults of our church. We wanted to highlight a number of excellent reads that sit on the shelves of our library. Our library boasts an excellent collection of books: theologically sound and thematically robust!

Take a look at the volumes that were recommended and consider stopping by the church library. Here are only 28 books that you might be interested in; the library is filled with many more!

Mere Christianity – CS Lewis

Surprised By Joy – CS Lewis

Sexual Detox: A Guide for Guys Who Are Sick of Porn – Tim Challies

Spurgeon – Arnold Dallimore

John McArthur – Iain Murray

Don’t Waste Your Life – John Piper

Studies in the Sermon on the Mount – Martyn Lloyd-Jones*

D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones: The First Forty Years (Vol 1) – Iain Murray

D. Martyn Lloyd Jones: The Fight of Faith (Vol 2) – Iain Murray

Rescuing the Gospel – Erwin Lutzer

The Cross of Christ – John Stott

The Message of the Old Testament – Mark Dever

What is the Gospel? – Greg Gilbert

Servanthood as Worship: The Privilege of Life in a Local Church – Nate Palmer

A Call to Spiritual Reformation – Don Carson**

Echoes of Eden – Jerram Barrs

Church Membership – Jonathan Leeman

The Gospel at Work – Sebastian Traeger and Greg Gilbert

What is the Mission of the Church – Kevin DeYoung and Greg Gilbert

What is the Meaning of Sex – Denny Burk

The Cost of Discipleship – Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Can Man Live Without God – Ravi Zacharias

Respectable Sins – Jerry Bridges

How Now Shall We Live – Charles Colson

Ecclesiastes – Douglas Sean O’Donnell***

The Scandal of the Evangelical Mind – Mark Noll

The Genesis Flood: Biblical Record and Its Scientific Implications – Whitcomb and Morris

Art For God’s Sake – Philip Graham Ryken

*Highly recommended by Pastor Caleb
**Highly recommended by Pastor Sean
***Highly recommended by Heather Okrafka