A Year Later: Reflecting on the Gospel Project

A Year Later: Reflecting on the Gospel Project

January 8, 2017 marks a significant date in the history of our local church. On this date, a little over a year ago, we embarked on a journey through the Scriptures called, The Gospel Project. A year of Sunday School has brought our church from Genesis 1:1 to 1 Kings 3. This Sunday we begin studying the life, times, and writings of Solomon.

The latter half of 2016 was host to many conversations about The Gospel Project as the Elders prayerfully considered implementing this program in our morning Sunday School hour. As these conversations unfolded it became abundantly clear that The Gospel Project was the way to go for quite a number of reasons. A year later, I want to remind us of those reasons with the hope that they will compel us to commit, or recommit, to The Gospel Project.

Stay with me for six-quick-points!

First, The Gospel Project gets us through the Bible. Many Christians have not read the whole counsel of God’s word. This project will get us from Genesis to Revelation in 4.5 years; it offers a wonderful opportunity to read through Scripture in manageable chunks. It also gets us through the lesser-know and lesser-studied books.

Second, The Gospel Project highlights the unity of Scripture. This study vividly displays the main themes that run through Scripture. The Bible is telling ONE story. There is purposeful progression. Each book is important to the overall message of Scripture.

Third, The Gospel Project is a Christ-Centered approach to studying Scripture. Every verse in the Bible tells us something about the climax of salvation history, Jesus Christ. This study shows us how Christ is anticipated in the Old Testament and realized in the New Testament.

Fourth, The Gospel Project is intergenerational. Everyone starts in the auditorium at 9:30am to watch a 2-minute teaser on the lesson. After the video everyone splits off into their generation-specific classes. What’s the beauty of this? Everyone’s lesson is based on the same passage of Scripture. You will be able to converse, across the generations, about the lesson you attended.

Fifth, The Gospel Project supplies everyone with discipleship tools. Everyone who attends receives notes summarizing the general direction of the lesson. Additionally, we supply everyone with a One Conversation sheet that facilitates a mid-week conversation about the lesson. Dads! This sheet is an excellent platform for the discipleship of your family.

Sixth, The Gospel Project is highly applicational and edifying. Whoever is teaching takes two or three opportunities throughout the lesson to ask a question pertinent to the text. As various people participate in giving an answer, and others listen, the church is edified and strengthen. Every lesson exhorts us to meaningfully engage in the mission that God has given His people.

It’s February 2018. On May 20th we will push pause on The Gospel Project for the summer months. Why not join us for the remaining twelve weeks and see if your walk with the Lord is better or worse because of it. We would love to have you join/rejoin us!

If you have any questions or comments about The Gospel Project please direct them to Pastor Caleb at caleb@hespelerbaptist.ca; (519) 658-4220 Ext. 202.