Advocating for the Unborn – Follow Up

Advocating for the Unborn – Follow Up

After Sunday morning’s message (listen here if you were away) I talked with numerous people, many of whom expressed a desire to do something.  Sometimes that desire was accompanied with tears.  One kind sister encouraged me to include more points of action in a message like that.  She was right to say so, thus the follow up.

First, continuing with her advice, let me say that if you have a passion for this issue; if your heart is broken over the continued, devastating loss of life; if you are angry over the terrible injustice perpetrated against the unborn, and their mothers, I’d love to sit down in a room with you and others of like mind to consider and pray about what we might do to rescue those who are being taken away to death, as well as ministering to victims of abortion.  Please be in touch with me by phone or email (

Beyond that, here are various steps you can take in the meantime, in no particular order.

Last month Hamilton’s city council unanimously voted to ask our provincial and federal governments to ban graphic images from abortion ads.  You can read the article here and indicate your viewpoint on a poll CBC is taking on the story.  Encouragingly, The Hamilton Spectator ran a story by director of criticizing council’s decision, which you can read here.

You may wish to write to or contact our local Member of Parliament, Mr. Gary Goodyear, expressing your opinion on the treatment of the unborn in our nation.  In doing so, I would share the advice of C.H. Spurgeon: use soft words and hard arguments.  Here is his contact information:

hone: 613-996-1307 (Hill); 519-624-7440 (Constituency Office)

You can also contact our Prime Minister here or in writing:

Office of the Prime Minister
80 Wellington Street
Ottawa, ON K1A 0A2.

You could visit, which is the website of the Canadian Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform.  Their mandate is to see abortion end in Canada.  They have projects you can engage in, such as raising public awareness.  They offer training on how to best engage people in discussions over abortion.  They have countless resources you can use to educate yourself so that you can educate others.  If enough people were interested we would invite someone from the CCBR to come and speak to a group here at the church.

You could sign up for Campaign Life Coalition’s newsletters, which often include calls to action, petitions, information about rally’s that can be joined, places where people are praying etc. etc.  Their website is here.

Finally, for now, you could write letters to the editors of our newspapers.  On Sunday morning I closed by reading a portion of one letter that was sent to the editor of the New York Times, and published, along with two others.  As promised, you can read them here in their entirety.  Lord willing, with the prayerful efforts of His people, we would see such letters expressing public opinion published once again.

Perhaps you are aware of other resources.  Please let us know what they are!