Covid protocols at hbc

We can’t even express how much we enjoy being together as a whole church on Sundays.
We are grateful that, as long as the weather is favourable, we can meet outdoors on the Heritage College & Seminary campus.  This allows our entire church family to meet together in one service and we are grateful for this opportunity for all of us to be able to fellowship together.  

When the weather is poor, we will meet indoors in our church building at 76 Adam Street.  When we move indoors, we would ask you to bear a few considerations in mind:
1) Let’s aim to respect the governing authorities by following the distancing guidelines in place.
2) Let’s be charitable in our assessment of how different people will conduct themselves on Sunday. Generally speaking people will be masked, although some people have valid reasons why they aren't.  Some will be sitting at a greater distance, content with 6ft, willing to interact at a distance after the service, happy to only be present for the service and then leave. The more excellent way of love believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. Let’s assume and think the best of one another.
3) And of course, in saying everything above, we especially want to ensure our church doesn’t contribute to Covid spread in our community, especially with the situation in Waterloo Region, variants, etc.