Exodus: God Delivers

Exodus: God Delivers

Last Sunday we concluded what was a 13-week journey through the book of Genesis. This Sunday we find ourselves beginning the second volume of the Gospel Project. Over the next nine weeks we will study the major movements through the book of Exodus.

If you have missed all, or parts of, our study in Genesis here is a summary of what we covered…

Genesis 1:1-25 – We learned that God created everything good.

Genesis 1:26-2:25 – God created man in His own image to rule wisely over the earth.

Genesis 3 – The human race rebelled against God. Our relationship with God and others is ruptured. But, even here, God promises restoration. In Genesis 3:15 the first hints of the Gospel are communicated. “The seed of the woman will crush the head of the serpent.”

Genesis 4 – Sin spreads through Adam and Eve’s descendants; Cain kills Abel.

Genesis 6 and 9 – God is grieved by the wickedness of the world and judges sin via flooding the earth. God chooses the only righteous man, Noah (and his family), to repopulated the earth.

Genesis 11 – Man seeks to elevate self and diminish the worship of God by building a great tower (Babel). God slows the spread of evil at Babel by confusing the languages.

Genesis 12 – God makes a covenant with Abraham. Through Abraham, God promises land, offspring, blessing. God chooses Abraham as the seed through which He will reverse the curse of sin and reclaim the world as His kingdom.

Genesis 22 – God tests Abraham by asking him to sacrifice his only child, Isaac. Abraham has faith that God will indeed keep His promise. Abraham believe that God could even raise Isaac from the dead!

Genesis 25, 26, 28 – God reaffirms His covenant to Isaac and Jacob. The same promises that were for Abraham are for them. God assures them that He will be with them.

Genesis 27 – In this chapter we get a glimpse of God’s dysfunctional covenant family. Jacob and Rebekah are deceitful. Esau is reckless and wrathful.

Genesis 32, 35 – God transforms Jacob (through a wrestling match) and gives him a new name. God tells Jacob (Israel) that a nation and company of nations shall come from him.

Genesis 37, 39 – The life of Joseph taught us that God’s plan is not a walk in the park. God’s plan often involves suffering. Joseph is sold into slavery and wrongly convicted in these chapters.

Genesis 41, 45, 50 – God is sovereign and will bring good out of evil circumstances. What Joseph’s brothers meant for evil, God intended for good. God saved the covenant family from famine by bringing Joseph to Egypt. Joseph and his family are confronted by God’s good plan for them, even when circumstances were unfavourable.

Please come and study the Volume 2: God Delivers with us this coming Sunday (9:30AM)! If you were tracking with us as we journeyed through Genesis you will know that there is a memory verse due this Sunday: Genesis 15:6. Someone needs to say it from memory before we can go on.

As you anticipate starting our study in Exodus please read Exodus 1:8. This verse serves as an indicator for what will happen to God’s covenant family.

Please be aware that the last week of Sunday School, before we head into our summer prayer ministry, is June 4th.

See you Sunday!