Lyrical Theology – Shai Linne

Lyrical Theology – Shai Linne

A number of weeks ago you heard a song by shai linne and Melissa T during our offering (it was the missions Sunday when YFC was the focus).  He just released a new album covering some of the following: Jesus as fully man and fully God (also known as the Hypostatic Union), Regeneration, Election, Cosmic Powers, Fal$e Teacher$ etc.

The content is extremely edifying (if you can handle the Rap/Hip-Hop flavour). You can find it in the itunes store if you’re interested!


The following excerpt from With All My Mind especially stands out:


And forever we will cling to the crucified

A Risen King who fulfilled the plan you devised

Theology helps us separate truth from lies

But you are not an object to be scrutinized

You are not a philosophy

You are not a theory

You’re not an apologetic debate topic merely

You’re a person who deserves to be adored

Our goal in life should simply be to see you more

To have our souls satisfied, and be so amazed

To stand in awe when you teach us to know your ways

To bring glory to your holy name forevermore

We were made for so much more than what we settle for

We’re too easily satisfied with lesser things

They’re distractions that keep us from our blessed King

Theology is not a goal but its major purpose

Is to think about you rightly when we praise and worship