No More Motion 408?

No More Motion 408?

Last Fall, Mark Warawa announced he would be bringing forward a motion asking parliament to condemn sex-selective abortions, also known as gendercide.  On March 21 the following happened:

“In a surprise move, the parliamentary subcommittee on Procedure and House Affairs voted unanimously to deem pro-life MP Mark Warawa’s Motion 408 non-votable. His motion quite simply (and reasonably) calls upon parliament to condemn female gendercide which is occurring in Canada through sex-selective abortion. This view is supported by 92% of Canadians according to an Environics poll (Campaign Life Coalition).”

An appeal was made on March 28 but no news yet…

Interestingly, in the most recent edition of Maclean’s magazine, under the good news/bad news section, the following was written under bad news:

“Fear of backbenchers debating anything abortion-related has officially reached crisis proportions in the Harper government.  Why else would it use a committee vote to squelch its own MP’s move to condemn sex-selective abortion?  Mark Warawa’s motion called for nothing more than a House resolution deploring the practice, for which polling shows overwhelming disapproval.  The courts are practically begging Parliament to address this sort of issue, yet Parliament shrank from the task – for reasons that defy even the logic of crass politics.”

Thought you might want to know…