Preventing Pointless Participation: Getting the Most Out of Your Small Group

Preventing Pointless Participation: Getting the Most Out of Your Small Group


Last year I read a book put out by Harvest Bible Church on small group ministry[1]. One of the things that I appreciated most about this book was the last two pages; they are invaluable to the health of a small group!

The last two pages contain a small group contract. Everyone who participates in the small group ministry at Harvest has to sign this contract.

I appreciate the list of commitments that these pages contain because they make it clear that being part of a small group is pointless if certain priorities aren’t maintained.

A small group leader can prepare the best bible study, prayer time, fellowship experience, and plate of snacks; yet, without the participation of the group, meeting together is pointless. The success and health of a small group is the responsibility of the small group, not just the small group leader.

Would you like your small group to go deeper? Are you frustrated with the superficial relationships that your small group seems to promote? Do you feel like your small group isn’t adding anything beneficial to your life?

I would like to encourage you to read through this list and consider your level of commitment to your small group. Where can you improve? How can you be a better participant? Are you contributing to a non-committal culture in your group? How are you contributing to the overall feel? I am certain that an adherence to these principles will prevent pointless participation in your small group.


Here’s the contract..

1/ I will make my small group meetings a priority, and if I’m unable to attend or running late, I will call ahead.

2/ I will come to my small group meeting prepared and ready to participate.

3/ I will commit to my small group to focus on application of God’s Word in my life.

4/ I will maintain confidentiality of the personal information that is shared within my small group. I understand my small group leader may communicate appropriate information to those in leadership as necessary, and I trust his or her discernment in this.

5/ I will be accountable to my small group concerning my personal and spiritual goals.

6/ I will commit to a small group that is open to new members, and as it grows, we will seek to multiply to further God’s work.

7/ I will encourage other members to cultivate a daily quiet time with God.

8/ I will pursue opportunities to share what God has done in our lives with those who do not know Jesus Christ.

9/ I will pray and support the leadership at Hespeler Baptist Church to continue to seek God’s direction for our small group ministry.


Together, let’s pursue Life Group health at HBC! Let’s commit to praying for, and participating in, healthy small groups!

If you are interested in being a part of a small group please contact Pastor Caleb.

[1] Uncommon Community, Harvest Bible Chapel, 100-101.