Questions are our friends!

Questions are our friends!

Several weeks ago, while at Pleasant Bay Camp, I tried something I’d never done there before. At the beginning of the week I left a question box in the dining hall and gave permission for anyone to ask anything they wanted during the course of the week. Each morning I would then take some time to try to answer any questions that were on people’s minds. I assured them that no question was off the table. The Bible is like a lion, as someone has likened it. You just have to open the cage and it can defend itself. I don’t believe we should be shy or afraid to bring any of our questions as we look in it for answers.

I wasn’t sure what sort of response would come, but as the week unfolded the box continued to fill up, and fill up with amazing questions. I wanted to share some of them with you a bit at a time. How would you answer?

1. During your journey I imagine there were times that you questioned your faith. When this happens what should I do?

2. Why does all religion cause bloodshed?

3. If the Bible/Jesus says “Love your enemies” then why do so many Christians support war?

4. Does God hate gays? (I got quite a few questions along these lines).

5. It seems like we are in an ever expanding universe, with all these stars is there other life, and did God make them? Are we alone in the universe or not? Either way both answers are infinitely scary.

That’s a good start, and I’ll keep them coming. At the end of them all I’m toying with figuring out a way for people in the church to ask questions in a similar manner, also making it anonymous. More on that later. Happy thinking!