Camp Goals

What is Camp HBC?


Camp HBC is a ministry of Hespeler Baptist Church, located in Cambridge, ON. Our church desires to serve families in our community by providing affordable day camps full of joy, energy, community, and growth. 

At all our camps we strive to provide:


We seek to put a smile on the face of every camper that walks in and share with them the good news of the gospel. All our activities are designed to be enjoyable!


If you know anything about kids, you know that they have seemingly endless stores of energy. Our camps provide opportunity for kids to enjoy using their energy in positive, active ways! 


We value relationships. One of the goals of our camps is to build community: relationships between campers, leaders, families, our church, and the community of Hespeler. 


We want kids to grow and learn as a result of their time at camp. We teach them valuable life skills and important truths about God, themselves, and others, in engaging and enjoyable ways.


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