Wanna Know What Exodus is About?

Wanna Know What Exodus is About?

As we are in the last four weeks of our study in Exodus, I thought it would be appropriate to post a rough outline of the material we will have covered, in Exodus, by June 4th. Below are chapter summaries for each of the sections that we have covered since the beginning of April.

Join us for the lesson on the first half of the ten commandments, this Sunday! We’ve reached Sinai!

Genesis 50 – The Hebrews are outside the Promise Land and Joseph is dead. How is the promise to Abraham going to be realized?

Exodus 1 – There arose a new king in Egypt who did not know Joseph. Pharaoh was fearful of the power of the Hebrews because they had greatly multiplied; so, he made them slaves.

Exodus 2 – Moses upbringing in the courts of Pharaoh. Moses flees Egypt.

Exodus 3 – The Burning Bush. God hears, God sees, and God knows the pain of the Hebrews. God responds via the burning bush.

Exodus 4 – Moses is skittish. Moses: “God, how can you use me? I am only a shepherd? I am a stutterer! Surely you can find someone better.”

Exodus 5 – God challenges Pharaoh through Moses.

Exodus 6 – God establishes that HE will defeat Pharaoh, for the glory of His own Name!

Exodus 7 – 11 The Ten Plagues. The plagues were a threefold assault on the Egyptians. They were an assault on Pharaoh (who Egypt saw as the god of order). They were an assault on Egyptian order (they serve as a de-creation narrative). They were an assault on the false gods of Egypt (each plague targeted a different Egyptian god).

Exodus 12 – The institution of the Passover. The Passover would help the Hebrews remember the saving hand of God.

Exodus 13 – 14 The Deliverance of God through the crossing of the Red Sea – God wipes out the angry Egyptians. God guides His people through the waters/wilderness.

Exodus 15:1-21 – A song of praise for all that God has done in delivering the Hebrews out of slavery. Sung by Moses and the people.

Exodus 15:22 – 17:7 Three incidents of complaining. The people complain about the bitterness of the water at Marah, a lack of food in the wilderness of Sin (no pun intended) and a lack of water at Rephidim.

Exodus 19 – 24 Arrival at Mt. Sinai. God gives His people the law (the ten commandments, etc…).

Exodus 25 – Plans for the tabernacle.

Exodus 32 – The people worship the Golden Calf; God is rightfully angry.

Exodus 39 – 40 The building of the tabernacle; God fills the tabernacle with His presence.

Our last Gospel Project lesson for the summer will be given on June 4th. Our Sunday morning prayer ministry will begin on Sunday, June 11th and run until September. Beginning in September we will begin a new season of the Gospel Project in Leviticus!

Here are two video on the book of Exodus that give a decent summary…